Adulteration of food in bangladesh

Some of the solutions could be: In the year the condensed milk producing companies in Bangladesh demanded a new standard for them by BSTI so that they could produce condensed milk with vegetable fat, arguing that such production has been seen in Malaysia.

The Central Food Testing Laboratory has a limited scope focusing primarily on a limited range of physicochemical attributes of food grains. This project design memo will first provide a brief context of this issue, along with a general definition of food adulteration through the lens of human rights norms.

There is overlapping of laws for criminalizing particular offences of food adulteration. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Extensive research is necessary to evaluate and measure the short-term and long-term advantages and disadvantages of utilizing natural alternatives, especially in terms of manufacturer behavior and consumer health in Bangladesh.

The Plant Protection Wing Laboratory provides quarantine services for imported plant and food products fruit, vegetable etc and Livestock Services Laboratory performs quality assessment of animal vaccines and drugs, disease investigation in animals, and quality assessment of poultry feeds.

Now the By this time we came to know that the Pure Food Ordinance, and the Pure Food Rules, are the basic and fundamental laws to directly operate the legal functionaries to curb and remedy the widespread evil of food adulteration and thereby to protect and preserve public health.

The restaurants are using toxic chemicals like formalin and textile dye stuffs in preserving foods, which play havoc in health system.

Preparation of rules under this law is going on. Many of them even do not know the name of the chemicals they are spraying on the foods to speed-up the ripening process. In addition, many states have the authority to immediately embargo adulterated food and to impose civil fines.

More than 35 food items were commonly adulterated. A completely open kitchen is also vulnerable to dust and therefore unhygienic. Considering the health consequences, the BSTI rejected the appeal, prompting the companies to file a written petition with the court, which is yet to settle the case.

This proposed project design is a foundational step to developing a strategy that confronts the practice of food adulteration in Bangladesh.

Enforcement of food laws, rules and regulations in Bangladesh is a shared responsibility of different ministries and their concerned departments.

The long-term consequences of consuming chemical treated food items will be devastating. In most cases, DALs are food-specific and defect-specific.

A large number of people and companies are engaged in this kind of black business of adulterated food production, manufacture, wholesale and retailing. An increase in consumer awareness would also likely put pressure on those involved in the food chain, such as food manufacturers who use toxic coloring reagents, to end their use of adulteration on products.

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Edible oil, ghee, butter oil, mustard oil are adulterated with hydrogenated oil, animal fats and rep seed oil. If a restaurant gets a full-marks review from that committee the restaurant may be charged with a lesser VAT — say Calcium carbide may lead to cancer in kidney, liver, skin, prostate, and lungs.

Given that manufacturers generally use coloring adulterants as a marketing strategy to attract consumers, the possibility that harmless alternatives could achieve this function should be investigated as a method to further protect the right to adequate food and health of consumers.

It is very surprising that despite a significant number of issues of formalin apprehension being resolved in the mobile court, not a single issue was reported to the Pure Food Court anywhere in Bangladesh. It is paradoxical to say that the safety of food cannot be ensured due to the dilemma of existing legal paradigm in Bangladesh.

They just go to the pharmacy and they get the medicine without any permit. The consequences of food adulteration are two-fold for the consumers: What are the corruption interfaces of uncontrolled food adulteration in Bangladesh?

Penalties The Pure Food Act that prosecutes offenders of food adulteration has a ludicrously low penalty of Tk.

Addressing the Human Rights Violation of Food Adulteration in Bangladesh

This year in June and July a significant number of available locally produced fruits e. For instance- the removing of milk fat from cow and buffalo milk takes place. Economic-adulteration[ edit ] A food is adulterated if it omits a valuable constituent or substitutes another substance, in whole or in part, for a valuable constituent for instance, olive oil diluted with tea tree oil ; conceals damage or inferiority in any manner such as fresh fruit with food coloring on its surface to conceal defects ; or any substance has been added to it or packed with it to increase its bulk or weight, reduce its quality or strength, or make it appear bigger or of greater value than it is for example, scallops to which water has been added to make them heavier.

Rye flour used in barley, bread, and wheat flour contribute to convulsion and miscarriage.Adulteration is a legal term meaning that a food product fails to meet the legal standards. One form of adulteration is an addition of another substance to a food item in order to increase the quantity of the food item in raw form or prepared form, which may result in the loss of actual quality of food item.

A) Adulterated food: a serious public health problem in Bangladesh Adulteration of food with toxic chemicals harmful to health has reached an epidemic proportion in Bangladesh.

The newspapers have dubbed it as the ‘silent killer’.

Food Adulteration Essay Sample

The food safety situation in Bangladesh is at an alarming stage due to food adulteration, use of toxins, pesticide residues, microbiological contamination, veterinary drug residues and heavy metals. It is paradoxical to say that the safety of food cannot be ensured due to the dilemma of existing legal paradigm in Bangladesh.

Food adulteration is the act of intentionally debasing the quality of food offered for sale either by the admixture or substitution of inferior substances or by the removal of some valuable ingredient.

Food Adulteration Essay Sample. Adulteration of food with toxic chemicals harmful to health has reached an epidemic proportion in Bangladesh.

The newspapers have dubbed it as the ‘silent killer’. We intend to inform the current scenario of food adulteration and wish to bring a positive change through proper measures by the concerned regulatory dominicgaudious.netdesh Pharmaceutical Journal.

Adulteration of food in bangladesh
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