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Later on, Tom takes leadership of the family even though he is young. He is a Christ-like figure and is based on Ed Ricketts. If you could separate causes from results, if you could know that PaineMarxJeffersonLenin were results, not causes, you might survive. Hide out for what?

Migrants from Kansas, they attend the death of Grampa and share the journey as far as the California state line. The Joads and Casy are at the first squatter's camp they stay in when they finally arrive in California.

Reaching California, they find the state oversupplied with labor ; wages are low, and workers are exploited to the point of starvation. Grampa is drugged by his family with " soothin' syrup " to force him to leave, but he dies the first evening on the road.

Tom is exasperated by the plight he finds himself in, after the patrol car drives off: Plot[ edit ] The narrative begins just after Tom Joad is paroled from McAlester prisonwhere he had been imprisoned after being convicted of homicide.

Weedpatch Campone of the clean, utility-supplied camps operated by the Resettlement Administrationa New Deal agency, offers better conditions but does not have enough resources to care for all the needy families. The family holds a conference to decide whether Casy can come with them.


In the final chapter of the book, the family takes shelter from the flood in an old barn. Their family name, Joad, also evokes the Biblical character of Job.

The Grapes of Wrath Essay | Essay

This is his opportunity to symbolically go into the "wilderness" and come to personal realizations. What happens to other people is their own look-out.

The bulldozer moves in and knocks down the dilapidated shack in its path. However, the second half and the ending, in particular, differ significantly from the book.

A scuffle follows, Floyd runs, and one of the sheriff's deputies who is with the men who drove into the camp, shoots wildly at the running Floyd.

Früchte des Zorns

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Not present in the novel or the screenplay is a tacked-on ending in the film that optimistically and sentimentally affirms the strength and human dignity of the individual spirit.

The first part of the film version follows the book fairly accurately. Grandpa dies along the road, and they bury him in a field; Grandma dies close to the California state line; and both Noah the eldest Joad son and Connie Rivers the husband of the pregnant Joad daughter, Rose of Sharon leave the family.Jim Casy.

In The Grapes of Wrath, the character named Jim Casy is an ex-preacher who travels with the Joad family. He is an interesting character partly because of his decision to stop being a. The Grapes of Wrath () is director John Ford's most famous black and white epic drama - the classic adaptation of John Steinbeck's Pulitzer Prize-winning, widely-read novel.

[Note: The sentimental film is much more closely related to Ford's social protest dramas, The Informer ( Jim Casy. Steinbeck employs Jim Casy to articulate some of the novel’s major themes.

Most notably, the ex-preacher redefines the concept of holiness, suggesting that the most divine aspect of human experience is to be found on earth, among one’s fellow humans, rather than amid the clouds. Read an Excerpt. INTRODUCTION I The Grapes of Wrath is one of the most famous novels in America— perhaps even in the John Steinbeck wrote this book he had no inkling that it would attain such widespread recognition, though he did have high hopes for its effectiveness.

Chapter 20 contains the scene where Jim Casy is taken to jail. The Joads and Casy are at the first squatter's camp they stay in when they finally arrive in California. Explanation of the famous quotes in The Grapes of Wrath, including all important speeches, comments, quotations, and monologues.

Grapes of wrath jim casy
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