The patriot inaccuracies

The treatment of slavery is a joke. Aside from the fact that it has no basis in reality, the horrendous atrocity is included in the film to make a loathsome villain into the most loathsome villain ever.

It was a very bitter war, a total war, and that is something that I am afraid has been lost to history Anyone of the three would have been enough to wake the dragon.

Andy Stahl as General Nathanael Greene. The British won the battle of Guilford Court House in spite of being outnumbered. Some other historical flubs are less excusable. Because Hollywood requires explosions, we get the anachronized shells exploding during the battles.

Tarleton was accused of various evils — including firing on surrendering troops at Waxhaw Creek — but the deeds attributed to Tavington here are wholly made up.

It took the civil war to end slavery in the US, almost a century after The Patriot is set.


The most disturbing thing about The Patriot is not just that German director Roland Emmerich director of Independence Day and his screenwriter Robert Rodat who was criticized for excluding the roles played by British, Canadian Juno Beach and other Allied troops in the Normandy landings from his script for Saving Private Ryan depicted British troops as committing The patriot inaccuracies atrocities, but that those atrocities bear such a close resemblance to war crimes carried out by German troops—particularly the SS in World War II.

Even then, South Carolina was on the wrong side, being so attached to slaveholding that it was the first state to secede from the Union after Abraham Lincoln's election.

Before his death, Tarleton had achieved the military rank of Generalequal to that held by the overall British Commanders during the American Revolution, and became a baronet and a member of the British Parliament. The French only seem to show up at Yorktown inbut they actually arrived in the Americans would never have won if they arrived that late.

Congress never offered a deal to grant freedom after one year service. The year is and South Carolinians are debating independence.

His main reason for his pacifism is concern for his family, but he also did some bad things in the French and Indian War that he does not want to repeat. The unit is divided between family men and frontiersmen.


Martin with the help of his other two sons wipes out an entire unit to free Gabriel. As far as military inaccuracies, the most glaring is the incredible accuracy of the weapons used in the movie.

The Brits are led by a dragoon colonel named Tavington Jason Isaacs who proceeds to: Was he a determined and dangerous warrior? Tarleton died on January 16,in LeintwardineHerefordshireEngland, at the age of 78, nearly 50 years after the war ended.

Was he a determined and dangerous warrior? Liverpool City Councilled by Mayor Edwin Clein, called for a public apology for what they viewed as the film's " character assassination " of Tarleton. Ben Fenton, commenting in the Daily Telegraphwrote: It could have kept us out of World War I.

If it was not on before, it is positively, absolutely on now. Nothing in the movie is subtle. In an early version, Anne is pregnant with Gabriel's child when she dies in the burning church. The war drew in several European powers, and ended with the Treaty of Paris in Screenwriters consulting American works to build the character Tavington based on Tarleton would have commonly found descriptions of him as barbaric and accounts of his name being used for recruiting and motivation during the Revolutionary War itself.

Gibson has a bit of trouble with the range of rage to romance to reflection, but he does not embarrass himself.

How Historically Accurate is The Patriot?

Martin never misses a shot with the notoriously inaccurate muskets of that time. In fact it depicts Hofburg Trabanten Leibgarde which was the personal guard of the sovereign originally from Austria, in uniform from around - Criticism of Benjamin Martin as based on Francis Marion[ edit ] The film was harshly criticized in the British press in part because of its connection to Francis Mariona militia leader in South Carolina known as the "Swamp Fox".

It was leaking out of his ears. Marion, Sumter, and Pickens were not at either of the battles. Thus, the land around the city is extremely flat, and the nearest hill of that elevation is at least 80 miles inland.

So it's no wonder that the British press sees this film as a kind of blood libel against the British people. The combat is graphic and bloody. Never heard of them. Depiction of atrocities in the Revolutionary War[ edit ] The Patriot was criticized for misrepresenting atrocities during the Revolutionary Warincluding the killing of prisoners of war and wounded soldiers and burning a church filled with townsfolk.According to The Patriot, slavery was practically nonexistent in South Carolina and really not that bad, anyway.

The few slaves shown are a cheerful lot, all of whom have been given their freedom to retire to a beachside cabaña. There's even a. The Patriot is a American epic historical fiction war film directed by Roland Emmerich, written by Robert Rodat, and starring Mel Gibson, Chris Cooper, Heath Ledger, and Jason Isaacs.

Jan 26,  · “Truth is the first casualty in Hollywood’s war,” read the headline of the London Telegraph‘s take on The Patriot.

Principal among the movie’s gross inaccuracies is the portrayal of British soldiers as evil, bloodthirsty sadists. The Patriot Accuracies Inaccuracies Presentation created by: Roberto Loya Historical Critique of Brief Plot Overview Benjamin Martin the father of 7 children declines an offer to fight for the Continental Army.

When Charlotte and the kids are hiding from the red coats in the root cellar, they creep past a basket full of bread wrapped in cellophane. Cellophane wasn't invented until My problem with “The Patriot” is not with the historical inaccuracies.

How Historically Accurate is The Patriot?

I am insulted by the melodramatic chords that are plucked to force emotions on .

The patriot inaccuracies
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